The implementation of continual professional development points structure is compulsory across many sectors. Individuals will have to earn CPD and ethics points each year in order to maintain their qualification, if they are do not currently do so already.

If we look at other industries (specifically the medical field), these points may be obtained through internal courses, external training sessions or international online learning options. The challenges include:

Internal Training

While more cost effective than external training, there is still a substantial amount of money and resources required to continuously run in house training. Refreshments, printing, venues, travel, accommodation and “people out of seats” all come at a cost.

External Training sessions

There are many CPD accredited training companies to choose from. Sending staff to attend external training comes at a monetary and time out of office cost. Often sessions take place over weekends, meaning staff members have to spend more time away from family to gain CPD points each year.  

International Online Learning

While far more convenient and often more cost effective than both internal and external training. Current online training often incorporates talking head videos. These are not very engaging and it is not uncommon to find videos 4 hours in length. The average person has a 4-minute attention span limit for online videos. To date, online content is mostly international and is not always relevant from a South African context.

We are looking to partner with accredited bodies whereby we supply an online CPD portal that professionals will use to access learning material and gain CPD points (in video based Bite sized chunks of information that can be consumed in four minutes or less).

For example, a 4-hour ethics lecture could comprise of 50 – 60 Micro-Bytes. These may be consumed in short sessions over the period of a week or two.  Available on any device, any time and from anywhere in the world.  Once completed, an accredited certificate will automatically be emailed to the learner. The learner will be able to store this information on their profile for auditing purposes, or capture this on any third-party system (such as My CPD or an internal bank system)  


  The portal would serve three purposes.

  1. E-commerce online shop: Allow individuals to browse through available courses (consisting of videos/ assessments) and to either purchase courses individually (at a slightly higher price) or an annual Membership.
  2. Learner Management system: Users will be able to consume learning material on their laptops, tablets or phones, and gain CPD points. Certificates will be generated on completion of a specific module.
  3. Data Capturing and Record Store: Users must be able to capture details of external sessions attended as well as proof for auditing purposes.

 Additionally, LearnTech will need to provide ongoing conversion services, whereby we would either convert existing material (in the form of articles, documents or live session videos) into a series of animated Micro-bytes.

The partnership roles in this project are envisaged as follows:

  • LearnTech: Build and maintain the CPD portal and create all animated learning materials (Technology Partner).
  • Potential partner: Provide accredited content, actively and continuously market the solution to their members (Content and Marketing Partner).
  • Proceeds are shared equally 
If you are interested in exploring this opportunity with us, please complete the below form and we will contact you as soon as possible to get the ball rolling.


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